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The principle reasons for the installations and use of Urimat Urinals are the need to save water and energy. The reduction is costs and CO emissions are also a major consideration. Maintenance costs are very low. The purification and distribution of water consumes energy. The processing and collection of sewage also consumes energy.

The reduction in water demand and waste production brought about by URIMAT produces further saving and reduction in CO emissions with CO emissions reduced by 175 grams with every cubic meter saved, a urinal saving up to 100,000 litres per year, equates to a CO emissions reduction of 17.5Kg

The Urimat environmental system is unique today, providing a high degree of ecological efficiency and major customer benefits. Water, as the most important resources for life, cannot be replaced by anything. Drinking water has to be sustainable managed.

Our Projects

  • Robinsons Equitable Tower ( Ortigas Pasig )
    11th Floor & 17th Floor
  • De La Salle St. Benilde Taft
  • Splietoff Group Makati City
  • Phil. Heart Center East Ave. QC
  • Quezon City Hall G/F